Reading at the Elementary School and The Trailer

My daughter’s 4th grade class is reading my book, Jake Bowers vs The Firebird every day at lunch. Today, her teachers invited me to come and read the chapter. It was adorable! Those kids were great. No guile!

One said to me, “Are you working on the next one?”

“Yes, I am,” I said.

“Well, it better be good!” the kid said.

“Ok, I’m working on it!!!!”

They make me smile!

Another kid gave me a Nestle’s Crunch bite size candy from his lunch because I was a good storyteller and because I have an amazing daughter. 🙂

I could be with those kids all day!!!

A girl from the class cornered me and told me all about the story that she’s been working on.

And that, is why I write. This post is to remind me that I write for them! To put a smile on their faces. To inspire them to write and create their own stories.

And here, is the trailer for the book –

Gotta give a big shout out to the guys at Cinema Book Trailers who created this teaser for me. They have been so professional to work with and so supportive of the book.

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