At Home Lesson Assignment Example

I start classes tomorrow. (So I will need our devices and the internet).

Bryan, my husband is working from home as a precautionary measure because I feel a little “off” (so he will need our devices and the internet).

My children begin school closures tomorrow. Two of them have scheduled at home assignments/ meetings. (So they will need our devices and the internet).


And this is my rambunctious six-year-old who constantly keeps me on my toes! (So far, she has no assignments, but she will need our time and attention, and sometimes our devices and the internet.)

Oh, and did I mention, we live in a two-bedroom apartment.

This is going to be fun! 😉


Here is a simple assignment that goes with the longer at home lesson that I will post tomorrow.

For this Assignment, please do the following –

  1. Spend time studying the At Home Lesson on the Creation [this is linked to the content on canvas]
  2. Write about your insights, thoughts, and questions from the reading. What did you learn and how will it change you?
    • Please use quotes from the scriptures and/or talks and readings that you studied.
    • Answer some of the questions from the prep work.
    • Make some goals based on your study, what will you do differently in your life because of this study?
  3. Ensure that your response is at least 250 – 300 words in length, not including the quotes. Remember that this is college level writing, and so I will be expecting papers free from grammatical and mechanical errors, citations for all sources used, and thoughts that are fully developed, relevant, and well-articulated in order to get full credit.
  4. Then submit your assignment here.
  5. I hope that you enjoyed this lesson as much as I enjoyed creating it! 🙂

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