We had a General Conference this week for my Church, and it (as always) was uplifting and inspiring. As usual, I have gone to God in prayer and asked for direction and have felt impressed to make some changes. One of the main directions I feel is to start writing again. The problem is, that I have so many things that I want to write about and there are so so many forums available to write on – including my multiple blogs see this to learn more. In order to do what I need to do, I need to simplify. And so, I will bring over all of my blogs into one main site. I’ll bring over some of the best posts from each one and let go of everything else including (eventually) the sites themselves and this will be the hub for everything else.

Here are the main topics that you will find on this site –

  • Light Refreshments – Writing about religion and spirituality, the name is taken from the idea that there is spiritual light that will nourish and refresh our souls.
  • Tamarack Idea Factory – This is writing about creativity, I believe that creativity is another way that our souls can be nourished and refreshed. Here you’ll find creative ideas, creative people, ideas and thoughts about creativity, etc.
  • Teaching – Teaching is my profession and my passion. Here I’ll write about ideas and helps for teachers and teaching. I believe we all teach in some small ways – whether it be large groups or our own precious children.
  • Waldron Publishing – I will sometimes still pursue the dream of publishing. Here I will celebrate any milestones myself or others have made in the process of publishing/creating/ etc.
  • Writing – Writing is my hobby and my love. Ideas, my work, my works in progress will be found here.
  • Stuff about me – Here and there, if I have a conference, or talk, etc. I will put it here.
  • Uncategorized – Life, people, and the world around me is just FASCINATING! This is for anything else I just feel like writing about.

Probably, I just wrote this post as a map of my plan for me and it will be dull for you, so I will leave you with a beautiful thought from today’s Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference –

Elder Dieter F. Uctdorf taught, in a talk entitled, Our Heartfelt All stated the following:

Balancing the demands of life with the desire to offer a whole soul to the Lord does not mean dividing time evenly among competing interests. Balance like riding a bicycle or lift like flying an airplane. “Just as forward momentum keeps a bicycle balanced and upright, moving forward helps an aircraft overcome the pull of gravity and drag.”

Sacrifice and consecration require “letting some things go and letting other things grow.” Most people will not be asked to sacrifice their lives for the Savior, but everyone is invited to consecrate their lives to Him. When looking unto Christ in every thought, everything begins to align into one work, one joy and one purpose. 

What is an area in which you need to find more balance in your life? Hopefully creating this balance will bless both you and me in the days ahead.

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