Working Moms vs Stay-at-home Moms

work or stayI’m back in the classroom, again.  It’ s the first time since I was pregnant with my third baby.

I love teaching, but for whatever reason going back to work with a third baby has been difficult. I’m fortunate in that my older daughters are in school and so finding day care for a couple of hours every other day isn’t as difficult as it could be.

I walk this fine line – half-in, half-out of the world of work. Half-in, half-out of the world of being a stay at home mom (SAHM). I see both sides and I understand both sides (mostly).  I’ve also been on the sidelines as I watch each side claw through anyone on the other side, ripping through their choices.

I hate that about women.

We have so much to give each other, but it seems like we want to destroy anyone around us if they “dare” to do things that are different.  If we just took the time, I think that there are things that both sides can learn from. Things that would bless the lives of our families.

I wrote that last piece years ago – when the little cutie was new born. Now she’s trying to sneak putting on a little make-up like her older sisters. It’s so crazy how quickly they grow. The struggle between work and home is so very real, two years after I wrote that, I started trying to make the leap into full-time work with two jobs and shortly afterwards began working full-time. She started full-time daycare when she was 4 years old. It’s been both bad and good, like so many things in life.

I didn’t have the time to train her, like I did the other two girls. Train with homework, doing chores, being productive, as I have the other girls. But now as they’re getting older and I’m getting better at juggling I can do some of that training.

Time passes. Children grow. They never stay in one stage forever, but thankfully, there are beautiful moments that we can sneak in and make wonderful!

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