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bloggingI began blogging in 2008. I had to learn to create and write on websites for my technical writing courses.  We began a portfolio assignment and I simultaneously taught myself and my students how to create a website.

It was during this experience that I began to see the possibilities of a business through new media. I began with two sites (Tamarack and Light Refreshments) and began a podcast called Spectacular Belly Flops (about the AMAZING flops and splats that we all take – especially those who create). I did it with my siblings and it was a lot of fun and taught me some amazing and valuable lessons. I think that it could have gone somewhere, but in the end, due to sibling rivalry 😉 (no, really it was due to creative differences) it ended.

Then I began my publishing company in 2011, when I got my first iPhone and WAS overwhelmed with the possibilities of eBooks. It’s been quite a journey, but more on that later.

I do love having a platform to put out my ideas.  My own little newspaper, or book.

I just finished a page for this site in which I’ve highlighted my blogs and made them easy to find. You can check it out here. It’s all part of a new phase of my believing in myself and my abilities and talents.

What do you like to do? Please share your talents and favorite things to do in the comments below.

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