And so it begins …

In 2011 I started a small eBook publishing company, Waldron Publishing. With my love of editing and writing as well as my knowledge of website creation and other technical aspects I thought that it would all be easy! (You know, you just start a business as in “people will come, Ray. They’ll come to Iowa” Terrance Mann, Field of Dreams.)

Business ownership isn’t easy. Editing isn’t easy. Working creatively with artists isn’t easy. In fact, I have learned the following as a result of my experience –

Wish Upon a Star … then put your back into it, because if you don’t get to work, NOTHING’S gonna happen!!!

“Yes,” those of you who are wise, who have been there, nod sagely as you read this. Perhaps some are snickering at me. “She thought she could do, WHAT?”

Oh well, at least I started something.

Long story short, I edited and put up three books (not my own) and had more that I was working on in several stages of production. Each new experience held a brutal learning curve. And, in the process of all of this, life continued to happen (see these posts for more information – Most Recent Creation, Vendor Stand).

The most difficult part of this whole endeavor has been to get a readership. I began the venture partnered with a marketing company that ended up folding, thus leaving the marketing squarely in my very inexperienced and ill-suited hands. “Selling myself” has never come naturally to me because my personality is one that will point out all of the flaws. You know the type, I’m too honest about the little quirks when I want to sell my car, my house, or my cooking.

But, as I went along, the price of my experimentation became difficult for my authors, who naturally have creative dreams of their own. I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to work with my own book. That way, the learning curves, failures, and heartbreaks will be mine alone. If I succeed, even moderately, I can take what I learn back to my dream of a production company. If I fail, at least I will only take down myself.

So, it begins … please, won’t you take up this journey with me? Take a look at my work. If you enjoy my writing, (or if you are one of my friends) please “like”, pin, share, tweet, comment, or pass along to anyone that you think might be interested.

Pick your favorite medium  –

I blog – see this page for more information.

I tweet – I’m new at that, so any tips would be great.

I Facebook – (that is a love/hate relationship)

I Pinterest – this is fast becoming one of my favorites!


I’ve written a book for kids – Jake Bowers Versus the Firebird, it will be in all eBook stores (at the very affordable price of $2.99) at the beginning of August, but until then, check out the sample chapters.

And please feel free to tell me what works or doesn’t work with my marketing, I’m so willing to learn from your suggestions!

Author Post Script Note (added 8/8/14) –  When you read the above, it makes it sound as if all the blame goes on the shoulders of my marketing friends. That is not the case. They did give me lots of help and pointers which I very much appreciate. 

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