Release of the Book – I Can Do Hard Things with God

I’ve been working on a book with a dear friend for a few years now. It’s called, “I Can Do Hard Things with God” and it is a compilation of essays from Mormon Women that discusses all sorts of personal issues and struggles –  it begins with suicide and then covers chronic illness, problems with family life (including wayward children, death, divorce, financial struggles, loneliness, infertility, being single in a church that is focused on families, and physical and mental illness).

Each essay takes a very difficult and painful struggle and discusses how the writer has or is dealing with it. Each woman discusses how her relationship with God has been tested and then strengthened through the trial. It is an honest book and takes a fair amount of courage for each one to tell her story so publicly.
Hard Things official
I have not only helped to edit it, but I have written a chapter in it as well. When I say that it takes courage to do so, I mean it. It even takes courage for me to write this blog post to tell you that I have an essay in the book, and I haven’t even told you what my struggle is! I hesitate only because my story is not my own. It is one that involves my husband, and I’m not sure when he wants me to go public with it – but it’s coming  in 3 weeks and so he better be ready for it soon!  So I will keep the mystery of my struggle for a few more precious days and pretend that everything is normal. 😉

Anyway, the book will be released on February 3, 2015 and is available for pre-order today on Amazon.

The book will also be available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book and many other retailers at the beginning of February. It is really harrowing and difficult to read as you re-live the struggles with these women, but it is also full of joy and faith and hope. I encourage you to get your hands on a copy and read it. My hope is that you will enjoy the journey and be enriched by the experience.

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