Book Release – Quote from Hard Things

I am honored that Covenant Communications chose a quote from my chapter to display.

Hard Things MEME LMW

This has been quite a journey and my husband and I are so thankful for the show of support from those who have already read. He chose to let me write about our struggles, thus branding himself with the disease that we have tried so hard to hide for these many years. That takes true courage. But, he said to me, “if it helps someone else then it will be worth it.” I appreciate the strength of his character.

I also have to give a “shout out” to the author and compiler of this book, Ganel-lyn Condie who has been all things – tireless supporter, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, friend, writer, editor, and carrier – all while facing some of the most challenging struggles of her own. She is a remarkable woman. It was her faith, vision, and desire to follow Spiritual guidance that has brought together this amazing book. She has carried these stories during the long marathon of creation and publication. I have been a first-hand witness to the way that she has cared for each story with love, honesty, and a desire to help it come forward in each author’s true voice (which is difficult to do with 17 essays from such different women). I feel honored to have worked with her and to call her friend.

See some more great quotes from Covenant’s Pinterest page.

Pick up a copy today from these great book stores. Also being released in many others this month (February 2015). Thank you!


Deseret Book 

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